Megan Costello introduces the new PghCyberlaw tumblog and talks about her tech background in this PghCyberlaw post. 

Hello World!

Welcome to Pittsburgh Cyberlaw: a blog about technology, cybersecurity, and the law straight out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. My name is Megan Costello, and I’m the main author of this tumblog. This blog will discuss the emerging legal issues on the Internet through posts, links, and other interesting material…KEEP READING


In this Pittsburgh Trademark Lawyer post, Attorney Dan Corbett presents an infographic submitted by one of the blog’s readers:

Mail?  Yeah, we get mail.

Sometimes it’s spam.  Sometimes it’s someone who wants a trademark talking head (with a face for internet radio).

And sometimes, it’s something pretty cool.  Like this infographic from Peter Kim of Paralegal.net…READ MORE

Blog Post

In this guest post on Pittsburgh Trademark Lawyer, Megan Costello talks about SOPA, PIPA, and the DMCA:

There’s no question that one of the most popular and highly-debated topics on the internet today is piracy. Since the early days of Napster in the 90′s, piracy has been something that both the government and rights-holders alike have been trying to regulate. To this day, we haven’t reached a common-ground solution for how to handle it, and it’s been a tug of war between the media conglomerates and “the little guy” ever since.

Most recently, the internet has been abuzz about proposed laws like SOPA and PIPA that grant the US Government stronger powers to police online content. These laws, which were intended to give greater protections to intellectual property on the internet, caused a major public opposition due to the potential to cause harm to the open and free Internet structure. Under SOPA and PIPA, websites harboring illegal content could be ripped down without notice, and, in some cases, could cause people to serve jail time….READ MORE

In this Pittsburgh Trademark Lawyer Blog Post, Attorney Dan Corbett discusses a recent Trademark lawsuit between iCloud Communications and Apple:

If you’ve been reading this blog long enough, you should know that I love followingDavid and Goliath stories.  Unlike most of the storiesI’ve covered, however, this one involves David taking the first swing.

In a Complaint filed last week in United States District Court in Arizona, iCloud Communications, a Phoenix-based voice over IP provider, alleges that Apple has infringed on its “iCloud” trademark.  The Complaint alleges that “Apple has a long and well known history of knowingly and willfully treading on the trademark rights of others,” citing to the company’s previous scuffle with the Beatles over the “APPLE” trademark…READ MORE



In this Pittsburgh Trademark Lawyer post, Attorney Dan Corbett talks about the Lamebook v Facebook case in 2010.

Via Ryan Gile:

You may have heard already that Facebook has been pretty aggressive of late in attempting to enforce its trademark rights– particularly against those using trademarks that incorporate either “–book” or “face-”.

If you’ve visited the website Lamebook, and, like me, were wondering when the other shoe would drop, here’s your update: it has.

But this time, Facebook is on the other side of the “v.” … READ MORE


Attorney Dan Corbett Discusses a Famous Cybersquatter in the Greater Pittsburgh Area in this Pittsburgh Trademark Lawyer post.

In case you thought cybersquatting had gone away since its heyday in the 1990s, you should know that it’s alive and well in Western Pennsylvania, if this morning’s Post-Gazette is any indicator.

According to the P-G article, Fagnelli Plumbing Co., a Pittsburgh-based plumbing company is accusing Gillece Services, a larger competitor of cybersquatting related to Gillece’s purchase of the domain “fagnelli.com,” which, according to the article, redirected visitors to the website of Gillece Services– at least until May 4, when Gillece stopped rerouting traffic, apparently in compliance with a demand letter from Fagnelli… READ MORE

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