Megan Costello writes about the emerging need for setting up a “Digital Estate” in this PghCyberlaw article:

When a person dies, there are corresponding laws in each state that discuss how a person’s money and property are divided up and passed on to family members and friends. Usually, this is done through a will—a legal document that directly states how you want your estate handled by someone you designate. If someone dies without a will (also known as dying “intestate”), the property and money are divided up according to state law.

While you may have given your stamp collection to your Uncle Bob and your prized Pomeranian, Fluffy, to your sister in your will—there are some aspects of your property you probably never even considered that need to be addressed: your digital assets. I’m sure by now, you all have a large number of blogs, e-mails, social networking profiles. These, despite their untraditional form, are all part of your property and the legacy that you leave behind when you die….CONTINUE READING


Fun Fact: Fred Rogers of “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood” was a native Pittsburgher.

Even More Impressive?: While most people know him for his children’s television show, his catchy songs, and his trademark blue sneakers and sweater, there’s a side of Mister Rogers that most people don’t know: he was also a copyright advocate…Continue Reading

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